Chadd Cumberbatch and Ann Marie Dewar - Montserrat Reporter Photo

$16,596 raised for Sir Howard Fergus Scholarship Fund

BRADES, Montserrat – Host of the Sir Howard Fergus Scholarship Fundraiser Mrs Sujue Davis on Tuesday handed over more than $16,000 to the charity.
His Excellency the Governor Adrian Davis and his wife hosted a fund raising event at Government House on Sunday, 22 February to benefit the scholarship programme which assists students who wish to study in the creative arts.
In total, $16,596 was raised, consisting of $11,700 in ticket sales; donations totalling $2,080 from Mrs Carol Osborne, the Montserrat Property Owner’s Association and the Bank of Montserrat; raffle ticket sales of $1,992; and a share of the profits from the sale of food and drink from Javalava of $824.
The funds were handed over to Mrs Sherree Jemmotte-Rodney, President of the Sir Howard Fergus Scholarship Committee.
A total of 234 tickets were sold for the benefit concert which featured performances from Mrs Ann-Marie Dewar, Mr Chadd Cumberbatch and Mrs Beth Breuer; and the Montserrat National Youth Choir, Guests were also able to dance to an impromptu band (which has no name!) formed by Tom Walker and Peter Filleul, and included Cris van Beuren, Paddy Smith and Martin “Nature Boy” Dawson.
Calypsonian Pops Morris later joined the band to sing a few calypsos reflective of the early days of living with an active volcano.The evening closed with a heated rendition of Hot Hot Hot. Hosting the evening’s proceedings was Mrs Sarah Renton, who did encouraged guests to purchase the raffle tickets and kept the activities moving along.

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