Where's the Premier?

The answer to that question is posing in photos in New York and Boston for the second time in two weeks. However, the premier managed to cancel a similar outing in Florida at the last minute, much to the chagrin of the Diaspora association members there.

While it is nice to see Premier Romeo in photos with Diaspora associations, are those the places we need to see him right now?

We collectively hung our heads when we realised he wasn’t going to be able to be at the President Barack Obama’s historical visit to Jamaica in April. He’s been noticeably absent at regional meetings. Regional heads of government made their way to Martinique along with their Ministers of Environment to meet French President Hollande on the critical issue of climate change but he was not there. As a proponent of Montserrat going green then his attendance would have helped to reinforce that statement.

He has cancelled a press conference with the local media twice in one week. The political rhetoric of transparency, open communication comes to mind but we are seeing none of it from Montserrat’s most senior official.

We are still waiting to find out whether we have DfID’s approval on key projects which will move the nation forward. We are a country in limbo as business owners wait for a sign that their is economic hope on the horizon.

So where is the premier in all of this?

Answer: Doing more photo opps.

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3 Responses

  1. Pat Ryan says:

    I am very disturbed that the Honourable Premier is off island, possibly sharing with the diaspora while we at home on Montserrat haven’t a clue as to what is going on to move us forward. .No idea how many one on one meetings he was able to have recently before calling off the programme. Why not an open meeting with the people of Montserrat? Who’s minding the country?

  2. Edith Fenton says:

    The people of Montserrat should not only be disturbed but FED UP with all the ‘DIASPORA’ travels being done by our most Senior Official and none to Regional meetings. To touch on key projects to be approved by DfID. Don’t forget most of the ongoing projects may have been abandoned because the new government are the professional negotiators without a PLAN. The new DfIDs Team is the Montserrat procurement bosses; therefore the government must prepare proposals of key projects needed for the island’s continued development for approval etc.. Perhaps we may have to settle for ‘mediocre’ outcome when they are approved. Accountability of Service to the people, for the people and of the people critical and ought to be demanded by the people.

    *If the people cannot trust their government to do the job for which it exists – to protect them and to promote their common welfare – all else is lost” ‘Barack Obama’

  3. Jason says:

    Are these ladies serious? Are they really saying that meeting with our people overseas is not important. Have they not noticed the news item which says that the Premier has secured SIX (6) Dialysis from one of the Diaspora organisations. Do they understand and appreciate how much the diaspora wants to and can help Montserrat?
    The former Premier Meade used to attend all these diaspora meetings and FIFA meetings all the time; but I don’t recall any outcry.

    And to the Author of the story above. You really should know better.
    You must have known, or you would have found out if you asked; that the Minister responsible for Environmental matters, Mr Claude Hogan was present at the meeting in Martinique. Was Mr Romeo to go there simply for show, or leave a competent minister to handle the issues in his portfolio.
    And seriously; what if he didn’t go to the summit to take pictures with Barack Obama? Is Montserrat likely to get any assistance directly from the US government! No. So what is the big deal?

    Hopefully you will get your interview and press conference when he returns.

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