Comfort Food at Java Lava Art Cafe

Residents and visitors alike can’t seem to get enough of Java Lava Art Cafe and it is for a really simple reason. The food.

Java Lava provides a nice escape from the standard cook shop fare offered in many local establishments and we hope they keep it that way. The eclectic menu feels very Caribbean yet very international.

Try their grilled chicken salad with your favourite dressing or as is.

Hot and cold beverages are always on tap. 

Nicknamed the #lavalair by fans, the breakfast menu reminds you of a hearty way to start the day. Pancakes are always warm and fluffy. The French toast is remarkable. Add eggs your way and don’t forget the bacon for pork lovers. Breakfast is also available well into the lunch hour.

For lunch, their paninis are winning. The curry panini is a must try. The grilled chicken salad will fill you up. Burger lovers will have a feast.

Leave room for whatever tempting dessert they have created for the day.

If you have a massive sweet pastry tooth, you probably should avoid them on Mondays which is Donut Day. The options seem endless and it is really hard to say stop after one.

Check them out on Facebook or follow their Instagram account if you can stand the daily food temptations.


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