Saturday Morning Breakfast Spots on Montserrat

It’s Saturday morning and you’re hungry but don’t want to cook.

Guess what? You’re in luck because you don’t need to. Here’s a few places you can get a hearty breakfast even if you don’t make it until lunch.

Hilltop Coffee House Photo

Hilltop Coffee House Photo

Saturdays mean waffles at Hilltop Coffee House. It is located right where the name says, on Hilltop, St. Peters. You won’t miss the sign and you certainly don’t want to miss this warm treat topped with your favourite things.

Waffles are served from 9AM to 1PM so get hopping.

Olveston House serves breakfast as long as there are guests in house. However, you can make a special request if you’ve got a large group to feed.

Annie’s at Carr’s Bay – Get a local brekky with lots of saltfish, ground provisions and of course Johnny Cakes. Don’t rush off. Sit and chill with the locals and enjoy the sea breeze and sous or whatever soup Annie has bubbling.

Java Lava Photo

JavaLava Art Cafe loves nothing better when you check in hungry and check out with a belly full of good food and great memories. You’ve got to move early if you want their famous saltfish cakes. Bacon goes with everything so don’t forget to add it to your order.

Great for take out but best enjoyed with good company. Order up some French toast, fluffy pancakes with eggs your way. Breakfast is served til late. Open from 8:15 to 3PM.


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