Montserrat’s Credit Union Makes Donation to Dominica

The St Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (SPCCU), the sole Credit Union operating on Montserrat, has made a financial donation of EC$7,500 to the Dominica Cooperatives Societies League Ltd (DCSLL).
The cheque was handed over by Eugene Skerritt, President of the SPCCU on December 13 during a mission mounted by the SPCCU to view and render assistance to credit unions and cooperatives societies in Dominica affected by the passage of Hurricane Maria in September 2017.
Also in attendance at the handing over ceremony was Peter Queeley- General Manager of the SPCCU, Phoenix Belfield- General Manager of the DCSLL and Oliver Henderson- Deputy General Manager-DCSLL.
President of the SPCCU, Eugene Skerritt, indicated that the financial donation made by the SPCCU is intended to assist the Dominica Cooperatives Societies League Ltd. and its affiliated credit unions and cooperatives societies in their recovery efforts following the devastation caused by the passage of Hurricane Maria. Skerritt also indicated his hope that other sister regional associations will continue to make similar donations as efforts are made to ensure that credit unions in Dominica and Dominica on a whole returns to state of normalcy.”
The General Manager of the DCSLL, Phoenix Belfield noted that the financial donations was a timely intervention by the SPCCU and was also indicative of the strong regional ties of the credit union movement. Belfield also highlighted the critical role that the DCSLL as an APEX body for co-operatives and credit unions in Dominica plays in terms of coordinating and rendering assistance to its affiliates at this time of great need.
Manager of the SPCCU, Peter Queeley indicated that the credit union will continue to seek to provide financial and other non-financial relief assistance to their Dominican counterparts and affiliates. Queeley also noted that the SPCCU has been pushing a regional agenda of strategic alliances among OECS credit unions, in order to ensure a more sustainable and resilient development model for the credit union movement as it forges ahead to reposition itself to confront the various challenges.

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