Thai Massages Now Available on Montserrat

If you love those massages where you lie on a table and all you have to do is think of England, then this may not be for you.

I totally enjoyed my complimentary Thai massage with Dike Rostant. You may remember this tall handsome and very married gentleman from the years he spent as the Public Information Officer for the Montserrat Volcano Observatory before returning to his homeland of Trinidad. Well Dike is back and is now a certified masseuse, specializing in Thai technique.

He prefers to work flat on the floor on mats. You don’t have to undress but a loose shirt, tights or loose pants are perfect for your session.

Set collection with many different images of the woman getting traditional thai stretching massage by therapist

I’ve added diagrams to show you some of the stretches and techniques he uses. You will be asked to complete a waiver form and also to identify any medical issues or areas of pain which could hinder your experience. That information will help him decide what will work for you. So be honest.

The session is an hour long. I was out like a light when he massaged my head the second time.

Dike and Tropical Mansion Suites are currently offering an introductory session for $100.  Call  664-491-8767 to book your session.

Do it. You will be a convert.

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