New Books on Medicinal Plants on Montserrat Launched at National Museum

The Montserrat National Trust in collaboration with the National Museum launched two new publications on Wednesday afternoon. Fifteen Popular Medicinal Plants on Montserrat and Medicinal Plants on Montserrat – Children’s Activity Book were officially unveiled by Minister of Agriculture Crenston Buffonge.

The books are part of the Hidden Histories Project funded by the UK Arts & Humanities Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council.

Acting Premier Charles Kirnon shared some of his knowledge about the plants included in the book and others. He reflected that many of the ailments which drive people to take prescription drugs can be solved with plants found in our back yard. He commended the team who executed the project, stating it was important to Montserrat’s history and heritage.

Jo-Diaz Tye, a member of the Hidden Histories Committee who led the team conducting the interviews expressed her thanks for the opportunity to increase her knowledge of the natural environment. She shared that the plants featured in the book are Milk Thistle, Cintibibi, Trumpet Bush, Madagascar Periwinkle, Blue Vervain, Davis Root, Pung Coolie, Prickly Pear Cactus, Leaf of Life, Rainfall Bush, Ramgoat Bush, Stinging Nettle/Zouti, Lord Lavington, Gumbark Tree, and Cattle Tongue.

The books were distributed freely due to the project rules. However, the audience was encouraged to contribute to the Trust’s Eco Play project which still needs funds to reach its XCD800,000 goal.

Part two of the event included presentations from Hannah Reid of the Cayman Islands, Shantay Owens of Sister Teas and local contributors Ms Eleanor Silcott and Ms Ellen Lindsay.

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