Director, Montserrat Arts Council

JOB PURPOSE – To manage and provide strategic direction for the implementation of the Cultural Strategic Plan, National Cultural Policy. Develop, promote and ensure the preservation of Montserrat’s culture. The successful candidate will be accountable and report directly to the Montserrat Arts Council Board of Directors.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Providing strategic management to the operations of the Montserrat Arts Council, in implementation of the Cultural Strategy, including strategic planning, staff development, financial management, human resource management, and operational planning.
  • Leading on the artistic direction, development and planning for the Montserrat Cultural Centre and related facilities, including the development and implementation of suitable programmes for the productive engagement of the Montserrat Cultural Centre and related facilities;
  • Devising and supervising the implementation of programmes geared towards the development of Montserrat’s culture, to include the performing and visual & digital arts;
  • Providing professional and efficient oversight and management of key national festivals and events, including the annual Christmas Festival, to enable the generation of economic activity, while preserving and promoting Montserrat’s culture;
  • Identifying and pursuing donor-financed project opportunities for cultural development;
  • Seeking opportunities locally, regionally and internationally for the exposure and promotion of Montserrat’s culture, facilities, artistes and artists;
  • Ensuring the development of a National Cultural Policy
  • Implementing and Promoting the National Cultural Policy
  • Providing professional and technical advice to, on matters relating to Montserrat’s culture;
  • Providing professional representation for Montserrat in culture related forums, locally, regionally and internationally.

Qualifications and Experience

Applicants should possess:

  • At least a first degree or equivalent qualification in Project Management or Business
  • Practical knowledge of culture or an art form.
  • At least three (5) years experience in a managerial or supervisory role
  • Be a critical thinker, who is able to approach problems in a logical way.
  • Be a visionary who is able to not only see the vision but implement and sell the vision to all stakeholders
  • Sound knowledge of programme planning and cultural development and management
  • Good interpersonal skills Ability to prepare comprehensive reports and provide technical advice in the area of cultural development.
  • Ability to lead, manage and motivate staff and teams
  • To build and maintain effective working relationships;
  • Be a team player;
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office Software
  • Excellent written and verbal skills

Desirable – Some working knowledge of the arts or culture

Terms of Appointment – Appointment will be on a 3 year contractual basis.

Must possess a driver’s license

Remuneration Package – The basic salary is EC$73,140 per annum, and is taxable. In addition, Travel, Telephone,
Entertainment allowances will also be payable, provided the candidate meets eligibility requirements.

To request full details of this position, please telephone 664 491 8555.

Application is by email or letter and accompanying curriculum vitae, and should be addressed to:

The Chairman,
Montserrat Arts Council,
Upstairs Public Market
Little Bay,
Montserrat MSR 1120

Email –

to reach her no later than Friday, March 29, 2019.