Montserrat Jolly up Tours!

jollyup1 Come with us and we will show you the beauty and wonder of our Island. Experience the real Montserrat with locals and see sights that most rarely get to see!

Day Tours

Our day tours include a visit to David Lea’s Hilltop Cafe for a look back into the vibrant musical history of Montserrat and through items salvaged from Plymouth as well as extensive archive of photos taken before and after the volcanic crisis as a reminder of what once was in the now buried city.

It is then time for your first sighting of the infamous Soufriere Hills Volcano at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. Here you will have the chance to see stunning views of the Volcano before watching a dramatic and up close video of what life is like with an active volcano and how the multiple eruptions have transformed the island.

Then you’ll be taken deep into the Exclusion Zone where the devastation of Plymouth can be seen first-hand. Most definitely an eerie and deeply moving sight which must be seen to fully understand the scale of the disaster that hit this beautiful and island and it’s people.

After a morning of sightseeing we go to a secluded beach with shimmering black sand, the perfect setting for our own beach party and BBQ lunch of freshly caught fish and refreshing local drinks. The afternoon is yours to enjoy a dip in the sea or simply to relax in the sand and enjoy the company!

Hike excursions

Hike through Montserrat’s beautiful and dramatic landscapes. Choose to hike through lush forest to the dry waterfall, to Rendezvous, a secluded white sand beach or on the edge of the exclusion zone to get a close up view of Soufriere Volcano! All hikes are led by local knowledgeable guides and are of easy to medium difficulty.

jollyup3Snorkel tours

Take a glimpse into the underwater world, Montserrat’s oceans are home to a stunning array of marine life including endangered green and hawksbill turtles! Snorkel tours include a morning of snorkelling’ beach BBQ lunch and a visit to the MVO and Exclusion Zone.

When planning a visit to Montserrat your trip would not be complete without truly exploring the Emerald isle of the Caribbean with Montserrat Jolly up Tours!

Price Range: Day tour 159 USD per person (not including departure tax)

Hiking and snorkelling tours are charged at an extra 45 USD per person.

Great group discounts are available!

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