Cecile coming for LIME Montserrat opening of its Flagship

General Manager of LIME Montserrat Joseph Cassell speaks to reporters at the Thursday's press conference where he announced that next week's grand opening will feature Reggae Songstress Cecile.

SWEENEYS, Montserrat – Joseph Cassell, General Manager of LIME Montserrat announced Thursday that one week from today will be the grand opening of its new administrative building and retail store.

LIME, which has served Montserrat for over 85 years, has been using temporary quarters since the volcanic crisis. In late 2010, it broke ground at Sweeney’s on a permanent building which is to house the commercial and technical departments of the telecommunications giant.

“This building is simply our most profound statement that LIME is here to stay in Montserrat,” Cassell says. “It has been our honour to serve the people of this island through the good times and bad and we are committed to being a part of Montserrat’s redevelopment and re-emergence into the wider Caribbean and the world.”

The general manager shared details of the month-long celebrations to mark the grand opening, which is scheduled for Thursday, July 14. Celebrations will include an opening ceremony followed by an evening of entertainment featuring one of the Caribbean’s most popular and talented artistes Cecile. Cecile is also one of the faces of the new LIME Caribbean brand.

Cassell also announced that a three-person sales team is already at work making direct sales calls and visits to residents, to introduce them to new LIME services and products including Blackberry deals, broadband and much more.

“We want to offer more products and a higher level of customer service,” Cassell said. “This team along with our dynamic staff that you will find in the retail store and customer service sections of the new building are ready to offer this.”

In the coming days and weeks, LIME Montserrat will be giving residents chances to win mobile phones and other prizes via radio promotions, on its Facebook page and Twitter.

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