Aqua Montserrat Making Waves Teaching Kids to Snorkel

LITTLE BAY, Montserrat – Children of all ages now have the opportunity to learn how to snorkel and enjoy the wonders below the water through an initiative by locally-owned watersports company, Aqua Montserrat.

Aqua Montserrat, a new venture created by Veta Wade, is on a mission to get local residents and visitors to spend more time discovering the beauty of the Caribbean waters.

“I love the sea and I’m happiest when I’m near the water,” says Wade, who along with her 22-month old son, spends most of her weekends on one of Montserrat’s black sand beaches. “Aqua Montserrat was created so we could introduce our clients to what I consider the most magical side of the island – its waters.”

The company, run by a team of local Montserratians and volunteers offers a range of services every weekend including snorkeling, free diving (without gear) and water sports in general. “We are an environmentally friendly business that is operated by environmentally conscious people. All of our activities are created, developed, and undertaken in such a way that it will have neither negative impact nor harm on the marine environment,” Wade explained.

In fact, Aqua Montserrat’s activities are aimed at nature and marine conservation, reef protection and raising awareness on these issues in a relaxing and entertaining environment. To further this goal, Wade is encouraging parents to bring their children out on Sundays to take advantage of a free 30-minute session to learn how to snorkel. “We have very knowledgeable instructors who are happy to transfer information about our marine ecosystem, the importance of marine diversity, and protecting our marine life. Our children need to know about this world so they can honor it and be a part of preserving it for future generations.”

All newcomers and children undergo a required introductory class that covers equipment handling, communication and behavior while snorkeling or spear fishing and general rules that apply to the respectful treatment of marine life.

With complete emphasis on the Montserratian way, Aqua Montserrat’s marine education incorporates local beach culture that includes learning the art of outdoor fish preparation and roasting; sampling a selection of fish caught during the underwater adventures; and enjoying the atmosphere which is always present when nature lovers meet up.
Family members and visitors can ask about joining the Snorkel Club which allows for weekly guided snorkel or spear fishing tours. For more information on available club memberships, adventure package deals and special offers, contact Aqua Montserrat, at 664.496.9255 or email or message them on Facebook.