Magistrate Court Back Home

On Monday July 10, 2017, Her Excellency the Governor, Acting, Lyndell Simpson, handed over the keys for the newly renovated Magistrates Court to Mr. Hogarth Sergeant, Acting Senior Magistrate.

In November of 2012, the courthouse was destroyed by fire and the Magistrates Court had to be relocated to the Training Room of the Human Resources Management Unit, Office of the Deputy Governor.

Assistant Secretary for the Office of the Deputy Governor, Miss Annette Cummings, gave a few opening remarks and invited Father Carlisle Vyphius to conduct the blessing of the building through prayer and the sprinkling of holy water within the new facility. Her Excellency the Governor, Acting, Mrs. Simpson, gave a few remarks and formally handed over the keys for the Court House to Mr. Sergeant. Special commendations were extended to the Staff of the Human Resources Management Unit including Facilities Manager, Mr. Simon Riley for his initiative in having the Court House repaired and for the high quality of work that was put into having the building’s interior refurbished. Additional works are expected to continue on the exterior of the building over the next few months.

Honourable Premier, Acting, Claude Hogan and Honourable Attorney General, Acting, Mrs. Sheree Jemmotte-Rodney and Superintendent of the Royal Montserrat Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Mr. Courtney Rodney were present as witnesses to the reopening of the Court House.