Draft Montserrat Tourism Strategy Open for Comments

Tourism Intelligence International Inc. has completed a draft Tourism Strategy for comments.
The consultants who were recently on island, undertook a comprehensive tour, completed many one on one sessions and facilitated a stakeholders’ workshop. The consultants’ on-island engagement helped to refine some variables and a short questionnaire was produced to further distill a best practices model.

The Tourism Division in the Office of The Premier is inviting public input to shaping the strategic focus for the tourism sector over the next 3-5 years. The completed draft is available here Montserrat-Tourism-Strategy-DRAFT and email your comments to strategy@montserrattourism.ms. These comments will be used to create the best path forward for Montserrat Tourism. The deadline for submission of comments is March 11, 2019.
The Tourism Division, Office of the Premier, thanks every stakeholder and individual who contributed to the invaluable exchange of ideas, and thanks you in advance for your continued support of Montserrat’s Tourism product.