Nominate a Montserrat Child for the Impact Awards

The Montserrat Children Society has launched the Impact Awards, an activity aimed at celebrating the achievements of young people 16 and under.

According to Secretary Margaret Ainsworth there are cash prizes and certificates of achievement for the children who are selected. The society is inviting the public to nominate a child or children between the ages of six and 16 for an Impact Award.

The following information must be provided with the nomination:

  • Name of the Child or Young Person
  • Their Age
  • Nominators Names
  • Nominators Email and Phone Number
  • Why are you Nominating the Child for an Award? Explain briefly what they did, was it a ‘one-off’ or ongoing? Who benefitted? How?

Impact Award winners will be presented at the upcoming AGM for the Montserrat Children’s Society on March 24 at the Brades Arts & Education Centre at 4PM.

Founded in 2013, the society aims to the help vulnerable children who have urgent, professionally assessed, health, social or educational needs regardless of race nationality or disability.

Get more details about the award and the MCS at the link below.

NEW AWARD – Making an IMPACT, 2019