Your Feedback Needed on Rezoning a Section of Woodlands

Existing land use Woodlands

The Physical Planning Unit (PPU) within the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Lands, Housing and the Environment (MATLHE) is seeking public input on a proposal made by Paradise Development Company for a change in the ‘Physical Development Plan for North Montserrat 2012-2022’. The rezoning of a parcel of land (12/1/207) in the Woodlands area from recreational to residential use is being proposed.

In keeping with Section 7 of the Physical Planning Act which guides the procedure for revision and modification of the Approved Development Plan, public consultation is required on this matter. This is to ensure that residents of the immediate and surrounding areas, stakeholders, and all interested parties are (i) aware of the proposal, and (ii) allowed the opportunity to provide feedback on, and raise any related concerns or issues they may have. The concerns of the public must, and will be factored into the decision making process.


The PPU has therefore scheduled a public consultation period of sixty days taking effect from March 11, 2019 and will continue until May 11, 2019. During this period, several methods will be employed in the consultation process. These include town hall meetings (date to be decided), face to face meetings with residents of the surrounding areas, and the publishing of the issue on the PPU website.

Individuals with questions and comments on the matter are also encouraged to contact the PPU via any of the typical means of communication. A detailed copy of the proposed plan and other related information will be made accessible for view and comment at the PPU Office in Brades.

Interested persons can also view a map of the ‘Existing Land Use For Woodlands’ on in the publications section under the Ministry of Agriculture,, Public Library.