Piper Family Donates Land to the Montserrat National Trust

(Press Release) The Council of the Montserrat National Trust is pleased to announce that Dr. Archibald Piper and his family are donating four parcels of land (approximately 13 acres) in the village of Friths to the Trust, to assist with our work in biodiversity projection and habitat restoration.
Hailing from the village of Cork Hill, Dr. Piper, who is retired from an illustrious career as a plastic surgeon in Flint, Michigan, and who has participated in medical missions around the world performing cleft palate surgeries in poor communities, made the announcement in a letter to the Director of the Trust, Mrs Sarita Francis.
Dr. Archie Piper is the son of the late Charles William (Teacher Charlie) Piper whose contribution to Education, Sports and Community development was outstanding. Teacher Charlie was the Headmaster of the famous Piper’s Preparatory School in Plymouth. He and his brother Richard “Cappo” Piper represented the island in the Leeward Islands Competition during the 1920s.
The philanthropic nature of the Piper Family can be traced back to Teacher Charlie’s father, William. In the early 1900s, Mr William Piper, who played the pipe organ at St Anthony’s Church, was personally responsible for leasing Bath Field/ Sturge Park from the Montserrat Company and transforming it into a cricket ground on which local and regional competitions were played. He helped to organize the first Leeward Island Tournament and represented Montserrat in the 1919 tournament although he was well over 50 years old.
The Montserrat National Trust acknowledges, with gratitude, the contributions of the Piper Family to the people of Montserrat for the past 150 years and is honored to have them join the category of Benefactor Members in the Organization.

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