Access Roads to Belham Valley Impassable, Extremely Dangerous, Says DMCA

The Disaster Management Coordinating Agency (DMCA) has issued another warning on the Belham Valley River.

Montserrat National Trust Photo of Old Road Bay on Sunday Jan 15 2023

In a notice on Monday morning, the DMCA advised “residents in the Isles Bay Hill and Woodsville area, Sand miners, and other members of the public that both roads leading into the Belham Valley River remain completely impassable until further notice and extremely dangerous. Absolutely no one should attempt to cross the Belham Valley at this time as water is still flowing in the valley.”

According to the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Services, an approaching frontal trough will increase the chances for showers today and tonight across Montserrat, which could trigger further lahars or mudflows to occur in the Belham Valley River and flash flooding in low-lying areas across the island.

Residents south of Belham Valley River should contact Lieutenant Colonel Alvin Ryan at 492-2947 or the Salem Police at 491-5255 in the event of an emergency.

Residents should be mindful that any attempt to cross the Belham Valley at this time can be dangerous, and vehicles can be swept away or stalled in flowing water.

The Public Works Department is working to have the roads cleared as soon as possible, weather permitting. Hence, residents in the Isle Bay Hill and Woodsville area and other members of the public are urged to be patient at this time.

On Sunday, the DMCA said that the road to Old Road Bay was also impassable due to heavy rainfall and mud flows.

A further update will be provided later today.