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Tsunami Plan for Montserrat

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake which jolted residents several weeks ago could have resulted in a tsunami and Montserrat does not have a plan for dealing with this. According to Head of the Governor’s Office...


6.4 Earthquake Jolts Montserrat

Montserrat and most of the Eastern Caribbean were shaken awake Saturday morning with a 6.0 magnitude quake. The UWI Seismic Research Centre is reporting that the quake was felt at 7:26AM local time. “On...

Montserratians encouraged to help Haiti 0

Montserratians encouraged to help Haiti

BRADES – The island of Montserrat is no stranger to tragedy or emergencies but even Chief Minister Reuben T. Meade says the present devastation in Haiti makes dealing with an active volcano seem tantamount...