Montserratians encouraged to help Haiti

BRADES – The island of Montserrat is no stranger to tragedy or emergencies but even Chief Minister Reuben T. Meade says the present devastation in Haiti makes dealing with an active volcano seem tantamount to dealing with a baby.

The chief minister on Thursday encouraged nationals to lend a hand to the people of Haiti in the same way that Montserrat has benefitted from humanitarian support after the Soufriere Hills Volcano roared back to life in 1995.

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“Montserrat itself has benefited from telethons, walkathons and many forms of fundraisers from people from all walks of life during the height of our ongoing volcanic situation.  We are encouraging our citizens and residents to support the people of Haiti as we focus on saving human lives in Haiti in the aftermath of this massive earthquake,” said Chief Minister Meade. “Please use the Red Cross and other such NGOs to direct mainly financial support to Haiti where we understand and know from our own experiences here in Montserrat that there must be an urgent need for food, water and shelter.  Money can buy these very quickly, but it must all be organized from a focal point to make it effective.”

On Thursday evening at 8pm, the national station Radio Montserrat is scheduled to host a radio-thon supported by Jeevan Robinson of, the Montserrat Red Cross, the Rotary Club, the Montserrat Defence Force, and the telecommunications provider, LIME.

Persons can log on to to listen and call telephone numbers (664) 491 7227/7242/6349/2885/9064.