Where to Eat

Where to dine across the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean.

We Recommend

Drive By Bar in Little Bay for an authentic island experience. Lots of local foods and seafood. The beers and stouts are always cold.


Grand Phoenix Restaurant, Brades

Hilltop Coffee House

Olveston House

The Attic



Chit Chat

Country Style (Jamaican cuisine)

Dip & Althea’s Kitchen (Local cuisine)

Emerald Rose (Local cuisine)

Isles Bay Beach Bar, Isles Bay (British cuisine)

The Attic, Olveston (Local cuisine)

The People’s Place, Hilltop, St. Peters (Friday and Saturday ONLY)

Summer Breeze in Marine Village, Little Bay (International cuisine)


Fine Dining

Olveston House

Reservations are required if you are not staying at the property. Be sure to try their Wednesday BBQs and Sunday brunch is a must.

Web: www.olvestonhouse.com

Email: olvestonhouse@gmail.com

Watermelon Cottage

Located in Olveston in a lush garden with lots of little secrets is the Watermelon Cottage. Reservations are required for brunch, lunch and dinner.

Tel: 1 (664) 491 5305 or  1 (664) 496 4131
Email: watermeloncottage@hotmail.com


Tucked away in Woodlands, this intimate restaurant is perfect for celebrating once in a lifetime memories with your close circle of family and friends.


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