Read on to discover how to get to Montserrat, Where to Stay, Where to Dine and more….

Getting to Montserrat

Montserrat is serviced by BMN Airways,  a subsidiary of SVG Air with daily flights between the island and Antigua.

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Tel – 1-664-392-3877 | Email –

Fly Montserrat on the ground at John A. Osborne Airport

Fly Montserrat provides daily flights and medevacs between Montserrat and Antigua. Special charters are also available.

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Tel – 1-664-491-3434 | Email –

COVID -19 Travel Protocols

Before Arrival

Persons must register to travel to Montserrat by completing and submitting the ‘Access Declaration Form’ at least 72 hours or three days prior to the expected date of arrival.  Additionally, entry into Montserrat will only be allowed through air access at the John A. Osborne Airport.  The electronic ‘Access Declaration form’  is available here….

For passengers who are not normally resident in Montserrat, they must request permission to enter from the Minister of Health. This must be done by email or letter sent to and/or

The letter should outline who the persons are, purpose of the visit, proposed dates of arrival and departure, vaccination status and any other information you deem appropriate.

Read the full protocol here…

Where to Stay

Where to Dine