Montserrat to host ICT Roadshow in April

BRADES – Montserrat is scheduled to host the seventh leg of the ICT Roadshow from April 21 to 23, 2010.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Minister of Communications & Works Charles Kirnon commended the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) on their initiative to bring awareness to the use of information communications technology to the wider Caribbean and Montserrat. He added that it fit within the scope of the government’s plan to encourage innovation and the use of all available technology to improve Montserrat.

Bernadette Lewis and Bevil Wooding of the CTU spent three days on island meeting with government and private sector stakeholders, to share their vision for the roadshow.

“Each roadshow is unique and we are here to assist the local organizers in crafting a show that meets the needs of the people of Montserrat,” explained Lewis, who heads the CTU.

Bevil Wooding, who serves as the CTU’s Chief Knowledge Officer said Montserrat’s situation provides some great opportunities to push the envelope in how the ICT Roadshow is conducted.

“There is a push to connect more with your people in the Diaspora and get them involved in what is happening at home. We will look at this throughout the roadshow and showcase people who are already doing so and share ideas of how to deploy technology to connect people in meaningful ways,” he explained. “Other key aspects of the event are the youth forum, where we want to look at the risks and dangers and also the advantages of today’s technology for our young people. The policy and regulatory forum, the banking sector and small business forums, our community outreach efforts are also key elements of what we think we will make this an excellent event.”

Wooding added that every effort will be made to ensure that the work done prior to and during the roadshow will be sustainable for the people of Montserrat. “We don’t just want people to come and then a few days later they don’t remember what it was about. The ICT Roadshow is about bringing practical and useful information to people so they can improve their lives, the way they do business, and affect the socio-economic climate of this island.”

Claudia Skerritt, Principle Assistant Secretary for the Ministry of Communications & Works is spearheading the local ICT Roadshow organizing committee. Skerritt said she was pleased with the attendance to the public and private stakeholders meetings held on Tuesday and the willingness for many to participate in the roadshow. In the coming weeks, she stated the ICT Roadshow Montserrat website will be launched and the schedule of events and guest presenters will be finalized. Persons or companies who wish to sponsor the event can contact her at the Ministry of Communications & Works, Woodlands or at Tel: 664-491-2521.


Photo caption: Minister of Communications & Works, Charles Kirnon, Bernadette Lewis and Bevil Wooding of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union at Tuesday’s press conference about the ICT Roadshow to be held April 21 – 23, 2010.