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Many still refer to Montserrat as the way the Caribbean used to be. We still say good morning when we pass people on the street, crime is low and more than likely if you lost something it will be returned to you intact.

Whether you currently live here or want to relocate to Montserrat, on this page are links to some resources and information we hope will be useful. If there are questions you have that we can assist with, please contact us at discovermni at

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Living with an active volcano means that the island is still growing. There are 10 beachers which are well known but there are a few coves, such as at Bottomless Ghaut which can be difficult to get to but worth the trip.

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Dining Out/Take Out

Montserrat offers a variety of options for eating out in the day and after dark. Food is often a combination of Montserratian, Jamaican and Guyanese cuisine for most small cook shops. Several restaurants offer British and American cuisine.

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Best Pizza Places on Montserrat


Visit this page to find out how to enroll your child in school or take classes at the community college or The UWI Open Campus.


Real Estate

Buying A Home



Where do you find fresh vegetables, purchase meat and other food items? Check our list of groceries and supermarkets.

Where can you get our famous grease bread? Check out Bakeries of Montserrat