Bakeries of Montserrat

There’s something about some Montserrat grease bread. We don’t know what it is, but nothing tastes better fresh out of the oven or with some cheese or the meat of your choice.

Let’s help you find out where you can get some traditional Montserrat bread as well as some other varieties of baked goods around the island from North to South.

Cinnamon rolls from Odessa Irish in Judy Piece

Jim’s Bakery – Collins Ghaut – 664-491-5375/ 664-392-1198

Odessa Irish – Judy Piece – 664-493-1627 (Also does specialty birthday cakes, raisin buns, sweet rolls, and pastries)

Ah We Shopping Centre & Bakery – St. John’s main road – 664-491-9351

Silane’s Bakery & Grocery – Davy Hill – 664-491-9096

Bibi’s Bakery – Brades main road (Near the Primary School) – 664-491-4319

Economy Bakery – Brades main road (2 locations) – 664-491-6778 (Also offers raisin buns, hamburger, and hotdog buns)

Chit Chat Bakery – Cudjoe Head – 664-491-9351 (Also bakes croissants, hamburger, and hotdog buns)

JD’s Bakery – Salem across from the Salem Park – 664-491-4493 / 664-491-2928.

Are there other bakeries we should add to our list? Let us know by dropping us an email or via social media at


hamburger buns
Hamburger buns with and without sesame seeds from Odessa Irish in Judy Piece.