Best Places for Pizza on Montserrat

Don’t fight us on this! Pizza should be it’s own food group.

Pizza is a definite go-to meal on Montserrat, whether you are staying in or hanging out with friends. The chefs on island offer much more than basic cheese and pepperoni and everyone has their preferred spot to get good pizza. You are likely to find some chefs who include seasonal fruits on their menu. If you are not adventurous with your pizza choices, there are the standard meat lovers, vegetarian and a house favourite Hawaiian to fill hungry bellies.

We’ve compiled a list of the places that we know of and that the community has suggested in our polls where you can order really great pizza on Montserrat. Some deliver and some offer dine-in opportunities.

Best of Montserrat Award for Best PizzaDip & Althea’s Kitchen – Cedar Lane, Lookout – 664-415-6757 (Delivery Available up to Cudjoe Head)

Grand Phoenix Restaurant – Brades – 664-491-3538 or 664-495-1599 (Dine In Available)

Isles Bay Beach Bar – Isle’s Bay Beach – 664-415-3786 (Dine in Available)

Lavern Ryner – Davy Hill (Pick Up Only)

Molly Shiell – Road side bar opposite the gas station in St Peter’s – 664-496-9601

Pyke’s Pizza – (Pick Up Only) – 664-392-6128 or 664-496-612

Rosemie’s Pizza Parlour – Salem main road – 664-496-3388 (Dine In Available) – Offers free topping specials regularly

Sashana’s Kitchen – 664-496-9476 (Delivery Available)

Sonia’s – Lookout main road (Opposite the Catholic Church)

Know a business place that should be on our list? We need their social media page and a telephone number through which they take orders. Also, tell us where they are located and what’s the best pizza they make.