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Jaden Sun Ferry (File Photo)

Blogger Craig Brewin Analyzes the Current Ferry Saga

Blogger Craig Brewin

Craig Brewin, a British blogger on island, asks several pertinent questions about the latest developments in the island’s ferry service operations on his Living in Montserrat blog.

Last week, the government announced it would not be pursuing a new ferry service for the island once the current contract with the Jaden Sun ends. Here is a link to the official statement from Premier Joseph Farrell on the matter.

In a recent post Brewin says the announcement by the government leader raises more questions than answers as no clarity was given on what happens next and how much it will cost residents who now wish to travel. Read the post here

Brewin has been writing about the local ferry service as it affects procurement, tourism and access and also as an advocate for concessions for people living with disabilities. You can check out other posts related to the ferry and other concerns at the links below.

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