MSS Fourth Formers Launch T-Shirt Printing Business

InkInvasion-logoFourth form students at the Montserrat Secondary School have launched business to help them with their class work.

Students in the Principles of Business and Principles of Accounting launched Ink Invasion, a T-Shirt printing business on October 1st , 2015.

“Ink Invasion will assist us with our CSEC School Based Assessments,” explained manager Chenece Semper. “The business will also enable us to gain knowledge and experience in terms of operating a business, and being good businessmen and women, so we can better serve the island of Montserrat.”

Currently they are promoting t-shirt designs to promote the school basketball team, the Warriors. More designs are to follow.

Ink Invasion will be continued by upcoming Fourth Formers in September 2017, and they will be trained by the present members in the business. It is intended to be a school based business operated by the current and future business classes with the intention of providing students of the class with the documents needed to complete their SBA’s.

The current members and their roles are:

Manager – Chenece Semper

Secretary – Geneve Meade

Accountants – Mikila Gittens and Jameina St. Hill

Public Relations Officer – Jayesh Sadhwani

Production – Christal Edgecome, Alene Weekes, Lanicia Roberston, Theonna Johnson

Marketing – Nia Golden and Deuvaunn Darroux

Find them on social media at Facebook: Ink Invasion and Instagram: ink.invasion.


Telephone: 664-491- 6711.