Defence Force Officer Completes Security Training in Antigua

RMDF Photo

An officer in the Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RDMF) recently completed training on the “Managing Defence in the Wider Security Context” (MDWSC) course.  2nd Lieutenant Darion Darroux, participated in the 10-day traning held from 4-15 June at the the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force Training Unit.
According to a statement from the RMDF, the course was made possible through the joint logistical efforts of the Regional Security System (RSS), the Antigua and Barbuda Defence force and delivered by the Defence Academy of the UK and Cranfield University. 2nd Lieutenant Darroux’s participation was made possible through assistance from the Office of the UK Defence Attaché for the Caribbean based in Jamaica. The training course had 29 participants which included senior officers from other regional defence forces, various law enforcement agencies and the civil service of several Caribbean countries from Bermuda in the north to Trinidad & Tobago in the south.
Over the two weeks, the course highlighted the vital role of the security sectors in national and regional security as well as its international contribution through subject areas such as Security (Strategic Context), Policy formulation, rule of law, interagency cooperation, leadership and human resource management.
Commanding Officer Major Alvin Ryan is confident that the recently completed training course would be highly beneficial to the Force and the country of Montserrat on a whole.