Government of Montserrat and Blue Halo Supports Ashneil Jeffers as Peace Boat Ambassador

Thanks to funding from the Government of Montserrat and the Waitt Institute, local youth, Ashneil Jeffers, will be on board when the Peace Boat sets sail from Malta later this month on a mission to amplify the call for action to curb climate change and ocean degradation.

The third edition of the Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors Programme will bring young leaders from the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Caribbean together to engage with citizens and government representatives on the topic of climate change and marine degradation. Ashneil and other youth on board will have a chance to improve environmental advocacy skills through meeting governmental representatives and speaking at public events organized in Spain, Morocco and Portugal.

Born in Montserrat, Ashneil Jeffers majored in Computer Science and Information Technology at the Montserrat Community College but has always had a keen interest in ocean conservation. He volunteered for many years with ocean NGOs on island including AquaMontserrat and Coral Cay.  “I am very grateful to represent the Government of Montserrat and the Blue Halo Initiative on the Peace Boat, and I am busy preparing my presentation on the impacts of climate change that are already visible around the Caribbean” Ashneil shared.

 “The Waitt Institute is very excited to support Ashneil in this important mission, as building local capacity for ocean stewardship is central to our vision for a sustainable development Montserrat” explains Site manager Robin Ramdeen.

Travelling with Jeffers are Eparama Qerewaqa (Fiji), Tapua Pasuna (Tuvalu), Elsei Tellei (Palau), Nathaniel Soon (Singapore), Nathalia Lawen (Seychelles), Jevanic Henry (Saint Lucia), and Khadija Stewart (Trinidad and Tobago).

The Peace Boat journey will take place from May 24 through June 8, 2019. The programme concludes in New York where Peace Boat’s vessel will dock in Manhattan to participate in the official Unite Nations programme for World Oceans Day.

Waitt Institute:The Waitt Institute endeavors to ensure ecologically, economically, and culturally sustainable use of ocean resources. The Institute partners with governments committed to developing and implementing comprehensive, science-based, community-driven solutions for sustainable ocean management. Our goal is to benefit coastal communities while restoring fish populations and habitats. Our approach is to engage stakeholders, provide the tools needed to design locally appropriate policies, facilitate the policymaking process, and build capacity for effective implementation and long-term success.