Montserrat Goes to the Polls on November 18, 2019

Premier Donaldson Romeo has announced Monday, November 18 as the date for general elections in Montserrat.

Speaking on ZJB Radio Montserrat, Romeo said that he has met with the Acting Governor Mrs Lyndell Simpson, to inform her of his decision and to officially have parliament dissolved.

Acting Governor, Her Excellency Lyndell Simpson signing the writ to dissolve parliament, paving the way for General Election on Monday November 18th 2019. (ZJB Photo)

Romeo’s People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) will face a challenge from the Montserrat United Labour Party (MULP), The Movement for Change & Prosperity (MCAP), Montserrat National Congress (MNC) as well as a number of independent candidates who have announced their intentions to contest the elections.

Already announcing plans to contest the elections are Speaker of the House Shirley Osborne, entrepreneur and blue economy activist Veta Wade, Independent member of Parliament Dr Ingrid Buffonge, calypsonian Keithroy “DeBear” Morson, former PDM Parliamentary Secretary Gregory Willock with the MNC, former Opposition Leader Victor James, entrepreneur Alvin Gerald, activist Chedmond Browne, current head of the Montserrat Red Cross Glen Francis, and social commentator Dunstan Lindsay.

“I look forward to a very lively campaign where all ideas contend, and as usual free and fair elections where the people of Montserrat exercise their democratic right to choose their representatives,” the Premier said in the radio announcement.

The Legislative Assembly has eleven members, of which nine are elected. The other two seats are taken by the Attorney General and the Financial Secretary. The British Overseas Territory is a single nine-member constituency, with voters able to vote for up to nine candidates on their ballot paper.

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