Six Overseas Students to Return On Ferry Tonight

Six students pursuing studies in Jamaica are expected to return home this evening on the Jaden Sun Ferry at Little Bay Montserrat.

According to a release from the Office of the Deputy Governor, the students upon returning to the island will be placed in quarantine for 14 days at home with their families as per the Public Health COVID-19 No 2 regulations.

In March this year, amid the coronavirus pandemic, officials at the Learning and Development Unit (L&D Unit) of the Human Resources Management Unit here reached out to the students studying abroad in an effort to get them home as soon as possible.

Fifteen students took up the opportunity and returned home in March while some students opted to stay on in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the United Kingdom for varying reasons related to their studies. They also indicated they were comfortable, safe and taking the essential preventative measures against COVID-19.

The Learning and Development Unit continued to stay in touch with the remaining students abroad to provide support, to ensure that they were coping with the present COVID-19 situation and keeping safe.

However, this week, the L and D Unit saw a window opportunity through the Antigua and Barbuda Government and again reached out to the students to ascertain whether or not they would be interested in returning home since classes and assignments were now provided through an online platform.

Presently, there are five students studying abroad who have opted to remain where they are for various reasons.

A LIAT special ATR 72-600 collected the students from Norman Manley International Airport in Jamaica earlier today.

The health and safety of Montserrat’s Overseas students are of utmost importance to the Learning Development Unit of the Human Resources Management Unit. They also say they were happy to have the students home and reunited with their families and wishes the students continued success in their studies.