Montserrat Students Win 15 CPEA Short Story Prizes in 2020

Fifteen students from local primary schools have had their short stories produced into e-books by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).
Montserrat is one of the Caribbean islands which uses the CXC’s Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) for students leaving primary school. While local students did not write the CPEA this year due to COVID-19, students had submitted stories for the CPEA Short Story Competition.
Seven students from the St. Augustine Catholic Primary School’s Grade Six pupils made the top 17 with Alana Kassie awarded first prize.
The other St. Augustine students were Khan Gray, Muskaan Jeswani, Cayden Roache, Alyssa Dubery, Kai Gray, and Shekinah Persaud.
Lookout Primary student were Samuel Sweeney, Kerjuan Israel, Javeena Williams, Kailey Kirwan, and Adin Corbette. Charleson Thompson of Brades Primary School also captured a spot.
Their stories along with other top stories across the region have been beautifully illustrated by Wayne Powell and published as e-books on the CXC website.
Past students who were selected in previous years include Sheryssa James, Jeziah Hackett, Vashirn Roach, Shaneeka Weekes, Ashanad Menzies-Dubbery, Hayley-Shay Kassie, Laneisha Morton, and Anjanique Cassell.
Since the inception of the CPEA Short Story Competition, Montserrat has captured 37 of the 63 books selected to be turned into e-books.
The CPEA Story Writing Competition was conceptualised to provide pupils participating in the CPEA an opportunity to create stories that would be read by a regional audience of their peers. The project is aimed at identifying short stories, written by pupils, which can be used as reading materials by other pupils. By providing pupils with an authentic audience for their stories, they will become more motivated to write. Additionally, this activity provides an avenue to unearth pupils writing potentials and talents.

CPEA Short Story Competition

Alana Kassie (St. Augustine Primary)- A Trip to the Wild –

Samuel Sweeney (Lookout Primary) – All Alone –

Kerjuan Israel (Lookout Primary) – A Day I Will Never Forget –

Charleson Thompson (Brades Primary) – My Grandma’s Mango Tree

Shekinah Persaud (St. Augustine Primary) – Love in Fire –

Javeena Williams (Lookout Primary) – A Day at the Beach –

Kailey Kirwan (Lookout Primary) – The Mystery Under the Bed –

Kai Gray (St. Augustine Primary) – A Day at School –

Muskan Jeswani (St. Augustine Primary) – My New Year in Paradise –

Hadassah Williams (St. Augustine Primary)- Starlight Night –

Sherika Gordon (Lookout Primary) – The Day a Robber Came Into Our Home –

Adin Corbette (Lookout Primary) – The House of Horror –

Khan Gray (St. Augustine Primary) – Rob the Mountain Chicken and Bob the Frog –

Cayden Roache (St. Augustine Primary) – An Island Hopping Adventure –

Alyssa Dubery (St. Augustine Primary) – The Mermaid Princess –


2018 CPEA Short Story Competition Winners

Jaaziah Hackett (Brades Primary) – The Survivors of the New Orleans Plague –

Khyaraa Gerald (Brades Primary) – Girls Trip –

Sheryssa James (Brades Primary – Home Alone –

Jerona N. White (Brades Primary) – 3AM Slime –

Kyle Hogan (Brades Primary) – Matthew Saves the Day –

Ashanad Menzies Duberry (St Augustine Primary) – My Emerald Isle –

Shaneeka Weekes (Lookout Primary) – Taking a Stand –

Hayley-Shai Kassie (St. Augustine Primary) – St. Patrick’s Day Float –

Laniesha Morton (St. Augustine Primary) – The Mysterious Box –

Voneika Fenton (Lookout Primary) – Makeover –

 2017 CPEA Short Story Winners

A Home for Athalia (Brades Primary)  –

Jasonitta Lee (Brades Primary) –

Ronieke Duncan (Brades Primary) – Night with a Vampire –

Vashirn Roache (St. Augustine Primary) – An Unforgettable Experience –

Keianna Wade (Brades Primary) – A Donkey in the Tree –

Stephanie Greenaway (Brades Primary) – Donkey’s Awful Day –

Brianna Benjamin (Brades Primary) – The Homecoming Dance –

Noel Hickson (Brades Primary) – No Way Out –

Waynette Fenton (Brades Primary) – Ash Everywhere –

Ketora Cabey (Lookout Primary) – Awoken By a Space Creature –

Sutonyeh Burns (Lookout Primary) – When Bad Turns to Good –

2014/25 CPEA Short Story Winners

Anjanique Cassell ( St. Augustine Primary) – Papa –