Town Hall Meeting Today on Adding Cybercrime Offences to Montserrat’s Penal Code

There will be a town hall meeting today, Thursday October 29 at 5PM at the Montserrat Cultural Centre to discuss amending the draft Penal Code (Amendment) Bill to include online crimes such as harassment and child pornography.

The Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy is leading on the introduction of legislation to establish
standards which will guard against cybercrimes.
The Bill will amend the Penal Code (Cap. 4.02) by inserting various cybercrime offences. This amendment to the code seeks to protect the citizens and residents of Montserrat from Information Communication Technology (ICT) crimes, to include identity-theft, computer-related forgery, violation of privacy, child pornography, harassment and other offences that utilize electronic/online communication.
The ministry is encouraging the public to view the suggested amendments and provide feedback on the recommendations.
To foster interaction and encourage greater public input on the cybercrime offences, the Ministry has published these amendments and has organized the town hall to allow for public discussion on the matter.

The draft penal code (amendment) bill is available at the following locations:
 The Montserrat Public Library;
 The Government of Montserrat website:
 The Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour and Energy Facebook page;
 Government Information Unit Facebook Page;
The town hall discussion will be held on Thursday October 29, 2020 at the Montserrat Cultural Center at 5PM. Members of the public are invited to attend to get a better understanding of the proposed amendments and to share their input with the Government officials.
All are asked to note that COVID-19 protocols will be upheld.
Feedback on the amendments must be submitted via email to and must be submitted on or before November 9, 2020.