Keithroy De Bear Morson

Montserrat Calypso 2020 Eliminations Slated for December 12

Steve “Ice Man” Weekes performs after being crowned Calypso King 2019

UPDATED – Following Monday night’s rehearsals the number of singers has been reduced. List of performers will be revised once we have confirmation.

The Calypso Eliminations are coming and rehearsals have begun for the show, which will now be virtual.

Competing for the first time in Montserrat since winning the crown in 2014 with “Got To Go” and ” Don’t Forget Your Juliet” . The Bear is a three-time winner in Montserrat (1992, 1993, 2014). He is a six-time winner in Antigua and still defending champ there as they canceled carnival this past summer due to COVID.

Most of the regulars are returning to the stage for a show which will be sure to include tales of the coronavirus and how the current government is handling the crisis. Last week’s decision by Premier Joseph Farrell to cancel in person attendance to the most popular shows for the carnival season will probably get a mention as some artists are still writing their songs.

Keithroy De Bear Morson

Reigning soca monarch Trevvle is making good on his promise that he would enter the calypso competition this year.

While the list is full, it is missing several of the overseas calypsonians who competed last year including Edwin “Red Ride” Martin and Alvin “Jaguar” Sweeney.

The singers will have to perform one song in the show slated for December 12 at the Montserrat Cultural Centre. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the public will not be able to attend the show. No details on live streaming plans have been shared as the latest decision was taken a few days ago.

The list of calypsonians will be whittled down to 12, who will go up against the reigning monarch Steve “Ice Man” Weekes in the Calypso Finals on December 29.

Listed as performing this year are:

  1. Sanjarion Prince – Sanjarion
  2. Trevon Pollard – Trevvle
  3. Kenneth Greenaway – Yogi Lazer
  4. Kevin Farrell – King Natty
  5. Delroy Joseph – Delz
  6. Frederick Daley – Taffy
  7. Brian Charles – ICultural
  8. Steve Watt – Michigan
  9. Stevel Rodney – D Rod
  10. James Brown – Cruiser
  11. Elton Galloway – Chipsa
  12. Michael Greenaway – Sunny Money
  13. Patrick Weekes – Dolly Yute
  14. Baptist Wallace – Baptist
  15. Ife Eshe – I-feh
  16. Reinford Gibbons – Kulcha Don
  17. Desmond Davis – Undertaker
  18. Kelvin Duberry – Tabu
  19. Herman Francis – Cupid
  20. David O’Garro – Ambassador of Israel
  21. Jayesh Sadwani – Sakawinki
  22. Samantha
  23. Keithroy Morson – De Bear