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Typhoon Express

Weekly Cargo Services Between Montserrat and Antigua for December 2020

The Access Division announced Monday that cargo services by the Typhoon Express are scheduled for once a week, every Thursday, through December 2020.

The guidelines for ease of facilitation for shipment of cargo items should be followed:

1. Take items to the Antigua agent (D & J Forwarders) for collection and registration at the Heritage Quay harbour.
2. On arrival in Montserrat, cargo is separated into perishables and general goods. Perishables are taken to the cargo shed and general goods are transferred to the warehouse.
3. Upon collection, consignees must settle the following charges: Better Services (Agent) Tally and Fees, Port Authority, and Customs Charges.
4. General Goods are collected at the Port Authority Warehouse. Perishable items are to be collected at the Cargo building (Previously the ferry terminal building.)
Customers are therefore advised to reassess their cargo arrangements considering this update regarding cargo services.

Details for the Agents in Antigua and Montserrat are as follows:
Antigua Montserrat

D &  J Forwarders

Telephone number (268)-779-0910 or
(268) 726-9133
D &  J also offer brokerage and pick up services

Better Services Ltd.
Telephone number: (664)-491-7438