Five More Hot Jobs for Montserrat's New Town

We got such great feedback from our first article on Five Hot Jobs for Montserrat That You Can Start Now that we had to do it again.Caribbean veggies

Here are five more ideas of jobs that you can start which will be needed in the new town now being developed in Montserrat. These jobs are not only applicable for this island but they may give you some ideas of things you can do where ever you are.

1. Maintenance Company: Set up your own property maintenance firm which can handle the maintenance of villas, the hotel and other properties. Your job will be to secure contracts to provide the services (elevator (depending on size of hotel), electrical, carpentry, plumbing, lawn and gardens, etc) and maintain the high standard of the properties all year round.

2. Market Cooperative: As we focus more on food security, Montserrat needs to connect what the farmers are growing with the local market. Your company could facilitate the products getting into the shops regularly and also restaurants and snackettes. Having a guaranteed market for the vegetables and fruits, farmers can better plan their crop planting. The same holds for those who rear chickens and pigs for consumption. Nothing is worse than needing eggs and none are available to keep your bakery business going; or owning a health food restaurant and you cannot get any fresh vegetables to use in salads.

Party planning3. Event Planner: There are some people who have a knack for planning events. If you are well organised and like to create special moments for family and friends this could be your way to do what you love every day. Plan weddings, family reunions or conference activities and create signature events that people will talk about for years to come.

4. Artist: Creating unique and quality art and craft items can be your ticket to financial freedom. Reports continue to show that tourists are looking for mementos of their travels that are much more than cookie-cutter items they can find on every island. Use locally found materials to create jewelry, clothing, household items that are a reasonably sized for travel (consider changing weight restrictions) which they can pack easily and take back for friends. Your work can cross multiple mediums, including paintings, woodcrafts, and fabrics.

5. Farmers: We mentioned the need for a co-op earlier and so we need farmers now. The Government of Montserrat is encouraging the increase in agricultural production and there is a lot of room for you to become the main source of chicken, meat and fish products, vegetables and fruits to be used in the local marketplace. Build your business and it can lead to export as the new town and port are built. If you are not skilled in the financial and marketing aspects of the business, find help or do more research online to build up your knowledge base. It may not be considered a very sexy job but if it leads to financial freedom what’s unsexy about that?

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Do you have others you can add to this list? Let’s hear about them in the comments.