Win $1200 for Your WOW Christmas Lighting Entry

Some lucky homeowner can win up to $1200 if they bring the WOW factor to this year’s Christmas Lighting Competition.

The Tourism Division in collaboration with the Montserrat Arts Council, is hosting the annual competition for residents and businesses to help create a festive atmosphere on the island for the Christmas Season.
The competition is open to interested householders and businesses in the following categories:

  • Residential Home Display – First place – $750.00 | Second place – $350.00
  • Business Display – First place – $750.00 | Second place – $350.00
  • Just WOW!!!! Most Creative (No specific theme, but just WOW!) – $1,200.00

To be entered, you must register with the Tourism Division, Brades or the Montserrat Arts Council by Monday, December 14 on the following contacts:
Montserrat Tourism Division – Tel: 491 4703/415 4700 | Email:
Montserrat Arts Council -Tel: 491 8555/6 | Email:

Contest Rules

  • Decorations used must be visible from the road.
  • Use of LED/solar lights are encouraged but other lights are welcome.
  • All entries are adjudged on a scale of 1 –10 per category for
    – Visual Appeal
    – Cohesive Theme
    – Creativity
    – Use and variety of decorations/lights
    – Overall effect.

Decorations and lights must be displayed from Friday, December  18 to Wednesday December 23, 2020 between 6pm to 10pm, as judging will take place during these periods. Participants are only allowed to compete in one category per household or business.
Winners will be announced on Monday, January 4, 2021.
For further information contact the Tourism Division, Brades on 491-4703 /415 4700 or email

Judges will be scoring out of 10 on:

  • Visual Appeal (display should be eye-catching and communicates theme well)
    A cohesive theme should be displayed.
  • Display should be organized well, arrangement (layout) should be utilized effectively and visibly.
  • Amount of Creativity – decorations used should provide exceptional use of creative ideas…good use of inspiration/imagination.
  • Use and variety of decoration/lights should be noted.
  • Overall Effect (decorations must be awe-inspiring, and fabulous!)