Montserrat Airport to Close For Runway Upgrade in February 2021

The CIPREG-funded runway improvement project is moving ahead and will prompt a 10-day closure of the John A. Osborne Airport in February 2021.
According to the Programme Management Office said last week via it’s social media that the runway resurfacing will close the airport to normal air operations from February 16 to 25, 2021.
Mobilisation activities are already underway, said the PMO. “This critical major infrastructure project, funded by the CIPREG Programme, will be delivered by Surrey Paving and Aggregate Ltd, headquartered in Jamaica, with a branch in St Kitts. The project continues to be supported by airport paving technical experts from AVIA NG Consultants, who will help to oversee the works.”
“The project will resurface the airport’s 600m runway and taxiway, improving friction performance and ensuring continued regulatory compliance for air access operations. ASSI, the regulator of Montserrat’s air operations, continues to be engaged and is supportive of the Project’s execution plan,” the statement read.
While work will be undertaken before and after this time period, the airport plans to remain open except for the above dates.
The PMO said it is working with Ministry of Health and Procurement team to secure an alternative emergency medical transfer service for this time period. Further public announcements will be made soon about medical transfer services and general access arrangements during airport closure.