Mrs Pornpun Pearce and Governor Andrew Pearce enjoy the picnic at one of the new benches in the Little Bay Memorial Park.

Governor’s Office Unveils Picnic Benches for Little Bay War Memorial Park

The Little Bay War Memorial Park has been popular with photographers for some time and now residents will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery even more with the addition of tables and benches, courtesy of the Governor’s Office.

On Thursday, Governor Andrew Pearce hosted a lunch time picnic at the location to celebrate the installation of three concrete table and bench sets in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s 95th birthday and to mark the passing of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

Father Carlisle Vyphuis blessed the new tables and benches in front of a small group of invited guests, including Deputy Governor Lyndell Simpson, Commissioner of Police Steve Foster and Major Alvin Ryan of the Royal Montserrat Defense Force.

“The park is one of Montserrat’s beautiful green spaces with lots of shade and we hope it will become a favourite lunch spot for many in the future,” Pearce said.

One of the concrete tables and benches which is set back in the alcove of bamboo trees near the Little Bay War Memorial Park.
Father Carlisle Vyphuis blessed the new installations and anointed them with holy water as guests stood ready to toast the new picnic space.
Governor Andrew Pearce and guests share a light moment.
This temporary sign will be replaced with more permanent plaques to commemorate the presentation in honor of Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday and the passing of Prince Phillip.
A view of the bridge and the scenery where the new picnic tables and benches are set in the Little Bay Memorial Park.