National Validation Workshop for Montserrat’s SDP

A cross-section of stakeholders from government, non-governmental agencies and the private sector participated in the National Validation and Visioning Workshop on Monday, June 20, 2022.

The workshop was a key component of the Montserrat’s move to updating its Sustainable Development Plan.

Facilitated by Trevor Spence, Albert Daley, and local focal point Deonne Semple, the group fine-tuned the recommendations from Phase 1 of the SDP process which began in 2021.

SDP Visioning Workshop – Trevor Spence facilitated the session virtually.

Separated into groups, stakeholders which included Premier Joseph Farrell, Leader of the Opposition Paul Lewis, and MLA Claude Hogan, agreed on the national vision statement and the priority goals for the SDP. Groups worked on the priority strategies for the new plan with focus on youth, Diaspora, population, and Stakeholder Buy-In.

The next step would be a final tweaking of the recommendations and suggested amendments, which is expected to be submitted to Cabinet for feedback by the end of July. Following this, a detailed planning activity will continue in August with the Government of Montserrat ministries. Several task forces have already been set up to look at sub areas within the sustainable development plan.

The facilitators commended the participants for their “high quality contributions.”

Participants also attended virtually from the United Kingdom, and Canada.