Rotary, The Galloway Group and Victor’s Supermarket Team Up to Install Baby Changing Stations

Parents now have convenient spaces to change their little ones thanks to a collaboration between Rotary Club of Montserrat (RCM), Victor’s Supermarket and The Galloway Group.

RCM announced recently that six baby changing stations have been installed at key locations across the Montserrat Community.

“RCM remains committed to improving the lives of all citizens across Montserrat and is devoted to exploring ways in which to fulfill its mandate,” the release stated.

After observing the lack of these facilities across the island, they approached owner of Victor’s Supermarket Manish Valechha to bring life to such an initiative.

Baby Changing Stations like this one are now located at Casualty, St. Peter’s Health Clinic, St. John’s Health Clinic, the John A. Osborne Airport, Multipurpose Stadium / Complex, and the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

With the most generous contribution from the Galloway Group, the stations were installed at Glendon Hospital (Casualty), St. John’s Clinic, St. Peter’s Clinic, Multipurpose Stadium / Complex, John A. Osborne Airport, and Montserrat Cultural Centre.

Valechha shared that becoming a father two years ago came with many new responsibilities. Like the changing of diapers. Lots of them.

“I now look and interact with the world as a parent. When Rotary came to me with the idea of installing baby changing stations across the island, I immediately said ‘Let’s do it’ because it reminded me of a time when I was out with my family and a diaper change was needed. The bathroom at the place we were at only had a standalone sink and toilet, and there was no spot to place a changing mat. The floor was not an option. We ended up changing the diaper on the back seat of my car. It was quite a struggle in that cramped space. So, partnering with Rotary on this initiative was a no-brainer. Thank you Rotary for making parenting a little bit easier.”

Adrian Galloway of the Galloway Group said “At the Galloway Group Inc., we believe that our children are our future, and our public buildings provide very important services within our community. When visiting a public building and the need to change a diaper arises, caregivers should not be stranded looking for a clean, dignifying space to change their babies. Our bathroom facilities should be comfortable and that means we must provide appropriate amenities for parents and caregivers. Changing stations are not a luxury, but a necessity, and every public bathroom should have a baby changing table.

“The provision of baby changing stations at these public buildings is an excellent initiative by the Rotary Club. The Galloway Group Inc. is thrilled and honoured to be able to partner with the Rotary Club and to participate in such a worthwhile venture. We remain committed to excellence on the island, and we are pleased that we were given the opportunity to be involved in another project to make Montserrat a more habitable place for all its residents.”

Rotary Montserrat thanked their sponsors for their kindheartedness in the initiative.

“We continue to be thankful for the strong support from our community partners and look forward to the effective usage of these Baby Changing Stations in our community,” the statement read.