No Immediate Plans to Make Changes to EC Notes and Coins

The Governor of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) Timothy N. J. Antoine has advised that there are no immediate plans to make changes to the EC polymer notes and coins following the death of Queen Elizabeth the II.

Responding to a question during a live interview ‘Conversation with the Governor’ in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Governor Antoine said “nothing happens right now.” He further explained that there are three to four years of inventory or stock of EC polymer

The Governor however noted that the passing of the Queen raises the question as to ‘what happens next?’ He said a conversation needs to take place where the region needs to decide ‘where we want to take our currency.’

Governor Antoine acknowledged that there are people who feel that “its time to move in a different direction and rather than continuing with the British Sovereign, that we should be looking at using our own landmarks and our own heroes.” The Governor said that he looks forward to the conversation, noting that in time, a determination will be made.