Tropical Storm Philippe Causes Significant Erosion at Isles Bay and Old Road Bay

Tropical Storm Philippe passed near Montserrat on Monday night leaving a lot of physical damage across the island.

While electricity was restored by Tuesday afternoon across all parts of the island, it will take much longer for the physical destruction caused by the rains and wind to be repaired.

The South was particularly impacted with lahars (dangerous mud flows) from the heavy rain which washed away enough ash that it uncovered the Belham Valley River which had been covered for decades from frequent pyroclastic flows.

The Isles Bay Hill crossing was impassable until Thursday morning. According to the Disaster Management Coordination Agency (DMCA), the road is not 100% complete but safe to cross. Motorists should exercise caution when using the Isles Bay Hill crossing.

The Dr. Woods and Happy Hill crossings have not yet been restored. Work is currently underway by the Public Works Department to have those two crossings restored speedily. Residents in the Isles Bay Hill and Woodsville areas are encouraged to contact Lieutenant Colonel Alvin Ryan at 492-2947 or the Salem Police Station at 491-5255 in the event of an emergency.

The rain left the golf course in Isles Bay sodden and damaged the road that connects the course to Old Road Bay.

The wetlands created by the Montserrat National Trust suffered some damage and have also been expanded, due to sand erosion and vegetation damage.

Old Road Bay lost several feet of sand leaving a drop off down to the seaside.

Erosion was even more severe near the Isles Bay Beach Bar which has lost about five to six feet of sand on the beachfront. The ground in some parts is also unstable due to being waterlogged.

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