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Montserrat’s New Governor To Arrive on January 31

The new Governor, Andy Pearce, accompanied by his wife, Pornpun Pearce, will arrive in Montserrat by charter flight late on Wednesday 31 January. They will be accompanied by their daughter, Pim, who will be visiting Montserrat....


New Governor Appointed for Montserrat

Andrew Pearce OBE has been appointed Governor of Montserrat in succession to Ms Elizabeth Carriere, who will be leaving the Diplomatic Service to take up a post in the private sector. Mr Pearce will take up...


Race to Self Determination

by Colin Fergus Unfortunate is how I would describe the question “Is multicolour Montserrat better than monochrome Montserrat?” posted on the HM Governor’s Office in Montserrat Facebook page. Unfortunate because of the socio-political environment...