Governor Carriere Requests Review of GOM's HR Systems

HE Governor Elizabeth Carrier at her November 18th 2015 press conference.

HE Governor Elizabeth Carriere at her November 18th 2015 press conference.

Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere has asked the Human Resources Management Unit (HRMU) in collaboration with the HR Consultant to present recommendations on shortening processes.
During her November 18th press conference the governor said the public service needed to become more efficient and transparent. She has asked senior staff in the HRMU to present recommendations on how the recruitment process can be shortened to 90 days.
Governor Carriere said there are a number of key positions which needed to be fast tracked and this list is being reviewed in collaboration with the ministers and the Permanent Secretaries.
The governor continued to say this work needs to be done even while the consultant Felicia Linch continues to work on the Public Sector Reform program. “We must fix what needs to be fixed. There is not clear policy on discipline and grievance…which makes things difficult. A number of things need to be tightened up.”

She noted that the changes needed did not call for rocket science but a bit of innovation and willingness to change.
As the public service is about service it was necessary to change patterns and behaviour in order for the effective delivery of services so that people can do business, said the official. This will also be a benefit to the island as it wants to improve its tourism product.

The governor has given the department 90 days to submit the proposal.

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  1. Reader says:

    Free advice for Her Excellency the Governor.

    Madam, ironically as you ask for updates in the recruitment process; you personally have the most important recruitment task to deal with. That task is the recruitment of the next Deputy Governor. This must be done expeditiously and there should be no consideration of keeping the current post holder beyond a six month transition period.
    Fortunately, you do not need to hire a consultant or task force to advise you on that particular process. Your colleague in Anguilla has recently gone through the process in a proactive and efficient manner. I urge you to give her a call and adopt a similar template for the recruitment of your deputy.

    This is no time for dithering. Please start the recruitment process for Montserrat’s new Deputy Governor now.
    In Anguilla the process is already complete although the Deputy Governor Designate will not take up his post until July 2016.

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