UPDATE: Public Servants to Get One-Off Increment?

Despite the communication to public workers which said Government would be reinstating increments, Discover Montserrat has learned that it is a one-off payment.
In a letter to staff last week, the Human Resources Management Unit (HRMU) said that via Cabinet decision 684/2015 dated on November 5, 2015, the government will be reinstating payment of an increment in accordance with General Orders No. 406 and 46 of the Public Service Act CAP 01.06 with effect from April 2015.
The decision also states that there will only be two incremental dates – April 1 and October 1 each fiscal year.

Employees are expected to receive in December increment payments retroactive from April 2015. However, the monies have been allotted for this fiscal year but no arrangements have yet been confirmed to carry it forward. According to information the Cabinet paper may need to be amended to reflect the one-off payment rather than reinstatement.
To advance the payment of increments, line managers are being instructed to ensure that all performance appraisals have been completed and submitted. They are also to submit to HRMU, the names of employees who based on last year’s performance review have earned their increment.

Not all staff will receive the increments. Employees already at the top of their scale, those on special agreements and those on contracts will not receive increments.

The image below shows what public servants can expect to get based on their salary scale.

Government of Montserrat salary scale.
Government of Montserrat salary scale.