NDPRAC Monitoring Tropical Storm Danny

08-19-15-TSDanny-11Am-MapBRADES – HE The Governor Elizabeth Carriere and the Hon. Premier Donaldson Romeo will co-chair the first meeting of the National Disaster Preparedness and Response Advisory Committee (NDPRAC) to begin Montserrat’s preparations for Tropical Storm Danny.

The storm is currently forecast to pass close to or over Montserrat on Monday 24 August as a Category 1/2 hurricane with sustained winds of approximately 100 miles per hour.
In calling the meeting, the Governor said: “This is potentially a very serious storm and it is vital that everyone in Montserrat, from the government to private individuals and their homes, are prepared for its arrival. Complacency is a dangerous thing. Montserrat has been spared any major hurricane activity for several years while others have suffered. I urge everyone to make adequate preparations. Make sure that your homes and business are safe and please clear away any loose items and debris that might become lethal missiles in the expected strong winds. The Premier and I have called NDPRAC to stand up Montserrat’s hurricane plans and to take any decisions now to ensure that we are fully prepared. A statement will issue after the meeting on actions and decisions
taken and advice to the public.”
The Premier has also made the following statement:
“Tropical Storm Danny is developing in the Atlantic and it may impact Montserrat in some way, possibly as a hurricane. The Government of Montserrat has begun making its own preparations and we expect members of the general public to do the
same. We have a few days to prepare. It would be wise for us to anticipate and prepare for strong winds, heavy rains and power outages among other things. We should look out for and assist one another with our preparation, especially the
vulnerable among us.
“Do take steps at this time to prune trees and remove objects that could potentially become missiles. We also advise you to keep tuned to Radio Montserrat for regular updates on the progress of the storm in relation to Montserrat.”
For those who have questions or concerns, please contact the DMCA on telephone number (664) 491- 7166 or 491 – 3076 or via email: dmca@gov.ms<mailto:dmca@gov.ms>.
The public is asked to be vigilant and prepared in order to remain safe.

Further announcements on the preparations will be made in the coming days.