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To Fly or Not to Fly When Wet?

Residents and people preparing to return for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Festival were left confused after public statements yesterday about the status of the John A. Osborne Airport being able to allow flights to...


Wet Runway Flight Restrictions at John A. Osborne Airport Lifted?

UPDATE ….Governor Pearce speaks on the safety measures put in place for airlines to fly in and out in wet runway conditions. https://montserratradioecho.wordpress.com/2020/02/27/thursday-february-27-2020-basil-in-conversation-with-governor-h-e-andrew-pearce-regarding-airport-closure-issue/ ZJB Radio News is reporting that restrictions on flights in an...


ASSI Releases Comment on Montserrat Airport Runway Issues

Air Safety Support International (ASSI), the regulator of the John A. Osborne Airport, has issued the following statement: “Following an incident at the airport in September, ASSI has put operating restrictions in place pending...