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Wet Runway Flight Restrictions at John A. Osborne Airport Lifted?

UPDATE ….Governor Pearce speaks on the safety measures put in place for airlines to fly in and out in wet runway conditions.

ZJB Radio News is reporting that restrictions on flights in an out of the John A. Osborne Airport have been lifted.

In a recent broadcast, they reported that Captain Nigel Harris, CEO of Fly Montserrat said his airline has complied with the requirements of the regulators and were given a green light.

After a Fly Montserrat ran off the runway in September 2019, restrictions was placed on the airport not to allow any airline to land or takeoff during wet conditions. This affected both Fly Montserrat and SVG Air, despite the latter having had no accidents at the airport.

In January, SVG Air officials called on the public to put pressure on the government to have the restriction lifted as it was severely hampering everyone’s operations. Travellers were also severely affected, missing connecting flights and incurring additional expenses having to overnight until travel was permitted.

Harris stated that they had a number of hoops to go through including completing risk assessments, additional training of pilots to manage wet runway conditions and adjustments to performance calculations to ensure planes could safely take off and land in wet conditions.

He said they had to prepare a risk mitigation document to look at all the things which could likely happen and present what measures have been put in place to manage them. He is pleased that his airline has now been found competent to operate during wet conditions.

No official announcement that the restrictions have been lifted has been released by the Governor, who ordered the closures last year. The formal report on the incident is to be released late March said regulation officials.

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