Dip & Althea's Kitchen Serves Montserrat's Best Pizza

BestofMontserrat-WinnerBadgeLOOKOUT – According to our readers Dip & Althea’s Kitchen makes the best pizza on Montserrat.
In Discover Montserrat’s first Best of Montserrat poll to find the best pizza, a total of 447 people voted. Dip & Althea took the lion’s share with 48.5% (216) of the votes. At the start of the race, they were keenly contested by Java Lava Coffee House who finished second with 153 votes. Third was Tina’s Restaurant, followed by Murphy’s then the People’s Place.

Other options written in by pizza lovers included Alvin Gerald, Hank’s Beach Bar and Uncle’s.

Dip & Althea’s Kitchen will receive six months free advertising on Discover Montserrat, a free entry in the Business Directory and a feature on their business.
Althea Wade said it was a really good feeling to find out they won the competition. “We were very excited, first to know that we were included in the poll and now to hear we have won, it is an even more gratifying feeling.  With all this excitement, we would really like to thank  God for the gift he has blessed us with and many thanks to our customers for their confidence and support.”
“I’m very excited about the response from the public with this first poll,” said Discover Editor Nerissa Golden. “Also one restaurant said sales of pizza increased as a result of being included in the campaign. This is the kind of impact we are happy to hear about and shows why promotion is important. We really do encourage more businesses to get online and get your message into the places where your customers and potential customers congregate online.”
A new poll will be added every Wednesday evening so stay tuned.
Tina’s Restaurant
8.7% / 39
Dip & Althea’s Kitchen
48.3% / 216
The People’s Place
1.3% / 6
JavaLava Coffee House
34.2% / 153
Murphy’s in Carrs Bay
4.5% / 20
2.9% / 13
Total votes:447